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1. Kendrick Lamar — “DAMN.” 

SOPHIE Bundles Upcoming Album With NSFW Product | sophie album songs
SOPHIE Bundles Upcoming Album With NSFW Product | sophie album songs | sophie album songs

By Owen Lane

Since April, a anticipation has been addictive the minds of abounding music fans: “When, if ever, will an anthology appear forth that can degrade ‘DAMN.’?” Its actuality impacted the way all afterward music releases accept been received. Such is the cool adeptness of Kendrick Lamar at abandoned 30 years old. 2017 has been a august time of base for those who accept continued been dominant, so it feels a bit amiss to accolade the acumen of best anthology to an artisan as ascendant as Kendrick Lamar. In fact, it seems actually cool that one being could after-effects so abundant abundant art, but as the final clue on “DAMN.” suggests, Kendrick’s actual actuality may be destiny. His backstory is Biblical, so let’s “Salute the truth, aback the astrologer say.”

2. Lorde — “Melodrama” 

By Matt Munhall

Lorde commendations abode parties with an about airy reverence. On her additional album, the Kiwi pop brilliant turns her “holy ailing all-powerful nights” of adventuresome behavior into an ballsy of adolescent adulthood. “Melodrama” is evidently a breakdown album, but like the best breakdown albums, it’s absolutely about self-discovery. “Lights are on and they’ve gone home, but who am I?” she wonders in the after-effects of a swingin’ party. “Melodrama” is a masterwork of pop songcraft, apprehension the ambit of affections that accompany aboriginal affliction in acutely active detail — from the affectionate carol “Liability,” area she wonders if she’s a little too abundant for everyone, to the beatific “Supercut,” area she plays aback the accord in her head. That the anthology ends with a catechism larboard changing — “What the f— are absolute places anyway?” — suggests Lorde is abandoned accepting started as an artist.

3. Perfume Genius — “No Shape” 

By Adam Ramos

There wasn’t abundant in the account this year to celebrate. That’s why Perfume Genius’ Mike Hadreas chose to bless love. Not adulation in the accepted sense, but rather in the activity of gazing into the eyes of a lover in comfortable bed on a algid morning and thinking, “You charge me / Rest accessible / I’m here,” or so Hadreas sings on the closing clue “Alan” — a song committed to his longtime accomplice — off his adorable almanac “No Shape.” The anthology swells with these moments of abundant passion, resigning to both abandon and vulnerability with the advice of today’s best adult assembly techniques. Hadreas commands an army of absorbing instruments and annoying arrangements, with his vocals alive as a arresting adviser to the alarming soundscape. There adeptness not be abundant to adulation about 2017, but at atomic we can accept the feeling, if abandoned for a moment.

4. SZA — “Ctrl” 

By Maggie Walsh

“My greatest fear? That if I absent ascendancy or did not accept control, things would be … fatal.” Solana Imani Rowe, bigger accepted as SZA, opens her aboriginal affection record, “Ctrl,” with her mother’s articulation adage these relatable words over a crackling fizz line. The anthology charcoal affectionate to its aperture musings as Ms. Twenty-Something’s beauteous vocals carol admirers with belief of relationships, insecurities and ashen time, all through the lens of control, or abridgement thereof. Although “Ctrl” may circumduct about her perceived powerlessness, with appearance from artists like Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott, amazing assembly and bristles Grammy nominations, it’s bright in 2017 that SZA has become a absolute baton in the music scene.

5. LCD Soundsystem — “american dream” 

By John Wilson

In a year area acutely every big name in backward 2000s indie bedrock appear a new album, LCD Soundsystem absolutely fabricated the case for best abhorrent return. Aback the dust settled, “american dream” emerged as an aggressive acknowledgment to anatomy — befitting to advanced man James Murphy’s outsized personality. The blah acerbity of aboriginal LCD albums gives way to the musings of an older, wearier aural Murphy aggravating to attack with how abundant the apple about him has changed. References to afresh asleep artists David Bowie and Alan Vega explain Murphy’s adversity to attack with his own bloodshed and to absolve his role in bedrock culture. LCD Soundsystem is still aggravating to accomplish brawl music for the air-conditioned kids, but for the aboriginal time, they’re now acknowledging the dancing will anytime accept to appear to an end.

6. St. Vincent — “MASSEDUCTION” 

By Hanna Kennedy

SOPHIE - EEEHHH by huntleyspalmers | Free Listening on SoundCloud | sophie album songs
SOPHIE – EEEHHH by huntleyspalmers | Free Listening on SoundCloud | sophie album songs | sophie album songs

Annie Clark — generally referred to as “the changeable Bowie” — is aback with her fifth flat anthology as St. Vincent. “MASSEDUCTION” marks the artist’s absolute move into the apple of boilerplate pop — one she makes afterwards accident her anxiously curated angel and sound. Her alteration is one fabricated with such absorption that it abandoned care to aggrandize her listenership. She trades out her signature guitar for a synthesizer and pre-programmed beats to adeptness what turns out to be a acutely confessional album. On “MASSEDUCTION,” St. Vincent’s blatant vocals ache absent loves and bang the adviser as achingly personal. It’s an anthology congenital on vulnerability, congenital on fragility.

7. Mac Demarco — “This Old Dog” 

By Thomas Murphy

Those who apperceive Mac Demarco, from his music or antics, apperceive him as a sincere, above and endearingly adolescent rocker. On “This Old Dog,” Demarco sheds some of his escapade and amusement to apply on songwriting and assembly — his newfound focus pays off tremendously. Demarco’s lyrics accept continued had a “hopeless romantic” feel to them; in his fourth abounding breadth album, however, Demarco refines the agreeable balladry that has historically busy his music to accumulate anniversary song apple-pie and concise. Simple, yet acutely effective, curve such as, “Long as my heart’s assault in my chest / This old dog ain’t about to forget,” account Demarco’s newfound songwriting adeptness and efficiency.

The adeptness of “This Old Dog” extends to its assembly as well. While Demarco’s antecedent assignment has been bizarre with distorted, cyberbanking guitar, “This Old Dog” is bedeviled by acoustic guitar, synthesizers, bass and a boom apparatus — what he describes as his “acoustic album.” Demarco not abandoned plays all the instruments himself, but additionally self-produced and alloyed the almanac himself, consistent in his best well-produced and adamant almanac to date. The affably arctic address of “This Old Dog” is absolute for a day of brilliant relaxation.

8. Tyler, The Creator — “Flower Boy”  

By Owen Lane

A year ago, actual few bodies would accept estimated that Tyler, The Creator could absolution an anthology that would attempt with Kendrick Lamar’s in anniversary rankings. “Flower Boy” was the august almanac that adherent Tyler admirers consistently knew was a possibility. Tyler and A$AP Rocky’s verses clamber about anniversary added on the booming affair clue “Who Dat Boy.” “911/Mr. Lonely” appearance Frank Ocean and Tyler, with The Creator activity to assignment on one of the best beats he has anytime made. Everything that Tyler had gotten appropriate on antecedent albums came calm in an anthology that was both disarmingly complete and endearingly playful. Afterwards audition an anthology this good, the UK care to lift their Tyler ban.

9. Vince Staples — “Big Fish Theory” 

By Brian Boylen

With “Big Fish Theory,” Vince Staples has accurate himself to be one of the arch talents in hip-hop. On his admission album, “Summertime ’06,” Staples showed off his adeptness for piercing, yet catchy, lyrics as able-bodied as his ear for affection production. “Big Fish Theory” trades the dark, abandoned complete of his admission for upbeat, dance-y beats — but keeps his signature austere lyrics. With beats from absorbing producers such as Flume and SOPHIE and appearance from Kilo Kish, Kendrick Lamar and more, “Big Fish Theory” absolutely pushes the complete of hip-hop forward.

10. Alvvays — “Antisocialites”  

By Mike Donovan

When The Jesus and Mary Chain appear their brace “Psychocandy” in 1985, the indie bedrock apple went up in airs. Noise, candied noise, sugar-rushed admirers into corybantic fits. Aback they alternate with the appropriately bathetic (but essentially beneath noisy) “Darklands” in 1987, lovelorn indie bedrock hermits everywhere claimed buying of the Glaswegian rebels.

It took three decades for the atom to reignite — in the angel of Alvvays, an ’80s bedeviled four allotment from a alien bend of Newfoundland. Afterward the Jesus and Mary Chain blueprint, they debuted with accumulating of bubblegum bottomward (2015’s “Alvvays”) afore aptitude heavily into their pop affection on their green effort, 2017’s “Antisocialites.”

Now, the burghal loners and the hopeless romantics accept article abreast to aqueduct through their colossal headphones — article hooky, bright and acutely cathartic. Their adulation won’t call, and a new one won’t be cat-and-mouse about the abutting corner. But they can still sit “underneath this ablaze light” and “forget about life” with Alvvays, which is bigger than nothing.

SOPHIE - Lemonade / Hard - Reviews - Album of The Year | sophie album songs
SOPHIE – Lemonade / Hard – Reviews – Album of The Year | sophie album songs | sophie album songs

11. Charly Bliss — “Guppy” 

By Matt Munhall

This New York, adeptness pop four-piece is amenable for the year’s best animating debut, a adamant 29-minute battery of communicable hooks and down-covered guitar riffs that would accomplish Rivers Cuomo jealous. The bandage uses its airy ’90s alt-rock songs as argosy for abrupt one-liners, vulnerability and aphotic humor, as on “Percolator,” which finds frontwoman Eva Hendricks singing, “I cry all the time, I anticipate that it’s air-conditioned / I’m in blow with my feelings!” “Guppy” is a apotheosis of what the analyzer Tom Ewing already alleged “the ‘Revolver’ adapt for pop albums — every clue good, every clue a abeyant hit.”


By Ryan Israel

BROCKHAMPTON, the cocky proclaimed “World’s Greatest Boy Band,” abandoned their admission flat anthology “SATURATION” in June and bound followed it up two months afterwards with “SATURATION II.” The 33 advance on the two amount a advanced array of genres and styles. Songs like “GUMMY” and “JELLO” are afterpiece to rap, flirting with fast lyrics and addictive beats, while added singles like “TOKYO” and “FACE” affection a slower bounce and a poppy style. All the tracks, though, accommodate accent verses from the group’s leader, Kevin Abstract. On the clue “JUNKY,” for example, he vulnerably raps about his sexuality, area as on “SWEET,” featured artisan Joba intercedes and delivers verses that blithely acquaint the adventure of his advantageous acceleration to agreeable success. BROCKHAMPTON isn’t done absolution music in 2017 yet, however. Admirers can apprehend an accession to BROCKHAMPTON’s already all-encompassing accumulating of adroit music videos and songs afterwards they appear on Twitter that their third and final flat anthology of this year, “SATURATION III,” will be appear on Dec. 15.

13. Baron Gizzard & The Cadger Astrologer — “Flying Microtonal Banana,” “Murder of the Universe,” “Sketches of Brunswick East,” “Polygondwanaland” 

By Brian Boylen

2017 has been the year of the “Gizz.” For a bandage hindered by its cool name, Baron Gizzard has done an absorbing job business itself this year. From the fizz about its antecedent plan to absolution bristles albums to the columnist about its chargeless absolution of the album, “Polygondwanaland,” Baron Gizzard has been accepting apparent advantage from taste-making publications such as Pitchfork. This absorption is able-bodied deserved. While some are bigger than others, all four albums appear by Baron Gizzard this year are quality, assorted productions account a listen.

14. Mount Eerie — “A Crow Looked at Me” 

By Adam Ramos 

This year, Mount Eerie — the agreeable activity of adept singer/songwriter Phil Elverum — appear “A Crow Looked at Me,” a real-time analysis of affliction in the deathwatch of Elverum’s wife accidental afterwards her agonizing action with cancer. The devastatingly addictive assignment approaches afterlife not as a abroad abstraction but as an accomplished reality. Elverum refrains from balladry and instead expresses his aboveboard observations in a anecdotal fashion. He sings of apartment in his home he can no best enter, mail that still comes for his backward wife and the absoluteness of adopting his adolescent babe alone. The instrumentation, with its apathetic clip and minimalist style, carries black and absent resonance, arena with the lyrics to actualize a transcendently affective masterpiece.

15. The War on Drugs — ”A Deeper Understanding” 

By Thomas Murphy

Almost 3 1/2 months afterwards its release, “A Deeper Understanding” still gets bigger with anniversary listen. The fifth anthology of “War On Drugs” is produced to accomplishment in every way, circuitous through a desolate, abandoned mural as declared by singer, songwriter, guitarist and ambassador Adam Granduciel. Granduciel invites admirers into his mind, which is bigger accepted by the album’s swells of synth and guitar than its vague, unembellished lyrics. As the album’s appellation suggests, “A Deeper Understanding” is a deepening of the War on Drugs’ antecedent album, “Lost in the Dream.” Affective at a steadier, added focused clip than its predecessor, however, “A Deeper Understanding” speaks from a abode of affliction and yearning. “I appetite to adulation you but I get agape bottomward / I appetite to appearance you but I can’t breach chargeless / To be the one that I should cartel to be,” Granduciel tells an alien being in “Knocked Down.” While the destination of “A Deeper Understanding” is unclear, its chattering adventure is abounding with adorable sonic textures that aloof accomplish me animated to be forth for the ride.

16. Run The Jewels — “Run The Jewels 3”  

Album of the month: SOPHIE - PRODUCT - Guestlist | sophie album songs
Album of the month: SOPHIE – PRODUCT – Guestlist | sophie album songs | sophie album songs

By Owen Lane

Okay, this anthology was technically not a 2017 absolution because Run The Jewels absitively to comedy Santa Claus and absolution “RTJ 3” on Christmas Eve. Although their complete did not change on their third album, El-P and Killer Mike’s verses and assembly were both as able as ever. The duo remained affronted with the political acerbity of their antecedent album, while giving themselves added allowance for goofiness. “Call Ticketron” showcased some of the best adroit assembly and able lyricism in avant-garde rap. Advance like “Legend Has It” are reminders that Run The Jewels’ best adorable aspect is how able-bodied its music communicates the rappers’ affectionate bond. El-P and Killer Mike are acutely athrill about their accidental side-project that has developed into a hip-hop phenomenon. Any RTJ fan could acquaint you that their action is contagious.

17. Slowdive — “Slowdive”

By Mike Donovan

There’s never been a bigger time to beam at your shoes. Our nation crumbles in the easily of an idiot, the brawl industry squirms beneath the weight of its aberrant scandals and Kid Bedrock is authoritative a austere bid for political appointment in Michigan. This ambiance makes the accustomed — alike your aged brace of Converse — greatly appealing.

Thankfully, Slowdive — whose 1993 almanac “Slouvaki” accomplished anybody absolutely what it agency to put their active bottomward and accuracy in the clouds — has alternate to advise you the means of the shoegaze. Refreshingly, Slowdive’s self-titled 2017 absolution isn’t a bald archetype of the adroitness of “Slouvaki,” but rather a absolutely aboriginal conception of the shoegaze pathos, rendered to aces up the baggy aback comatose isn’t an advantage and dreams baffle you. 

Also, I anticipate your shoe’s untied. I’d abhorrence for you to cruise and aching yourself.  

18. Rostam — “Half-Light” 

By Charlie Kenney

Rostam’s admission album, “Half-Light,” is in abounding means the anthology he consistently capital to accomplish but never could. The Vampire Weekend ambassador and multi-instrumentalist, who over the accomplished few years has produced songs for Frank Ocean, Ra Ra Riot, Charli XCX and Carly Rae Jepsen, puts out an anthology that is abnormally Rostam and absolutely not Vampire Weekend in “Half Light.” The anthology contains slower, over-produced tunes like “Half-Light,” chiffon and absolute songs that Ezra Koenig could never sing like “Rudy” and slowed-down folk tunes like “Sumer” and “Wood” that pay admiration to Rostam Batmanglij’s Iranian ancestry in their both especially Persian complete and content. The album, in abounding ways, is a adventures of Rostam’s agreeable and claimed life. It’s a abuse acceptable and abuse adroit adventures to read.

19. Waxahatchee — “Out in the Storm” 

By Matt Munhall

“I went out in the storm and I’m never returning,” Katie Crutchfield sings defiantly on “Silver,” a active highlight from her fourth LP as Waxahatchee. The cloudburst that she abstracts on “Out in the Storm” — which would complete altogether at home on ’90s academy radio — is the end of a airy accord and its aftereffect on her faculty of self. The adeptness of Crutchfield’s songwriting comes from its affecting clarity, as on “8 Ball,” a song about owning your flaws: “When I fall, I will not be abashed at all / You’ll see a abortion / You wanna cast my accident band / You wanna be the eight ball.”


By Adrian Mark Lore

How abundant copse would a woodchuck abandon if a woodchuck could abandon wood? Quite a few hours’ worth, probably: anatomy algid to its own behavior but paralyzed, emancipating the apperception from the limitations of the concrete — Newton’s third law. And “NARKOPOP,” Wolfgang Voigt’s fifth almanac of aural quietude, is calmness as abiding motion: a aeon of absolute feedback, anniversary circuitous exhausted alveolate into shadows, abstraction caliginosity darker on anniversary revolution. If you accept carefully, the forest’s every affection phases in accord with the rhythm: ripples in a pond, wolves’ call-and-response, the afterglow of the moon. Your heart, too, beats a little faster.

Well, SOPHIE is definitely selling a dildo in his new merch store ..
Well, SOPHIE is definitely selling a dildo in his new merch store .. | sophie album songs

Honorable mentions

Migos — “Culture”Sampha — “Process”The National — “Sleep Able-bodied Beast”Father John Misty — “Pure Comedy”King Krule — “The Ooz”Big Thief — “Capacity”Priests — “Nothing Feels Natural”Julien Baker — “Turn Out the Lights”The XX — “I See You”

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