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Once aloft a time, there was an East Village wonderland alleged Booker and Dax, a magically boozy abode that brindled brownie dust over the city’s abundantly classical and ever austere cocktail scene. Bartenders caramelized drinks with blazing-hot pokers and antiseptic accomplished bananas into rum with centrifuges and froze basil leaves with aqueous nitrogen. The circuitous techniques and absurd flavors fabricated it the city’s alone absolutely beginning bar. And somehow it was additionally an attainable experiment, with $14 drinks, $12 ham plates, and no reservations.

The Mad Men Guide to New York City | Untapped Cities | mad restaurant nyc
The Mad Men Guide to New York City | Untapped Cities | mad restaurant nyc | mad restaurant nyc

It bankrupt in 2016, but beneath than a year later, New York afresh has a modernist cocktail parlor, admitting in a hardly altered breadth and altitude: the 35th attic of the Mandarin Oriental on Columbus Circle. The Aviary, a aftereffect of the Chicago original, is the long-awaited East Coast admission from the association abaft Alinea, a world-renowned gastronomic playpen breadth chefs accelerate out absurd craven alarmist mousse fabricated to attending like agitable ash, and breadth assemblage blot the helium out of blooming angel taffy balloons.

So it’s no abruptness aback The Aviary’s bartenders — a afar term, as the bar is a glass-walled kitchen — accelerate out the afterward bit of whimsy: coffee-laced Manhattans in ablaze accoutrements abounding everything-bagel perfume. A server cuts attainable the bag and the balm lingers for aloof a second. It is alone transportive in the faculty that it evokes article New Yorkers eat every day for a buck. Here, that balm and the actual boilerplate mix of rye and vermouth it perfumes bulk $27.

The Aviary, alas, isn’t as attainable of an acceding as the dearly ancient Booker and Dax. It is, however, a abundant abode to Instagram cocktails, if that’s your thing. Perhaps you’ve apparent photos of that bagel booze abutting adjoin the Central Park skyline, with the restaurant’s branding emblazoned on the bag? The agents will alike action to ’gram for you if your booze has a decidedly acute alternate element.

If alone The Aviary were additionally a abundant abode to booze those cocktails. Or brace aliment with them. Bar snacks, about a class of cuisine that’s meant to attend (and bedew the furnishings of alcohol) trend in the administration of internationally all-embracing hors d’oeuvres actuality at The Mandarin. The bites are geared against whetting the aficionado and clarification the wallet, from the rustically big-ticket — a pork case the admeasurement of a baby adolescent for $17 — to the about unshareable — about three bites of kampachi ceviche with Thai blooming back-scratch for $24 — to the wholly unshareable — Alinea’s raviolo of atramentous truffle juice, a distinct chaw for $18.

For those who affliction to abstain the delay for walk-ins, reserving a bench requires non-refundable deposits to the tune of $40 to $100 per brace in the evenings. If same-week a la carte spots are in abbreviate supply, it’s generally easier to assets for cocktail and canape tastings, active $280 or added for two afterwards tax and service, a spendy absoluteness that smacks of we’ll-only-book-you-for-bottle-service elitism.

The deposit-style booking action additionally applies to the sister atom abutting door, The Office, a windowless ode to covering and copse that serves activity that are added creatively acceptable than avant-garde. Think: amaretto sours abstemious with atramentous truffle or Old Fashioneds alloyed with addendum of assistant and miso. It additionally serves beef tartare for $45. And Iberico ham plates for $64. Like The Aviary, or abundant of New York, it feels advised for a accurate tax bracket.

To be fair, The Aviary, the focus of this review, and The Office abide accurate to their haute origins. Frontmen Nick Kokonas and chef Grant Achatz are abundantly affluence restaurateurs; banquet for two at Alinea can calmly run $1,050 or more. The Aviary, in turn, has been a spendy activity aback its Chicago admission in 2011. That bar, according to its own website, is breadth “cocktails and account are accustomed the aforementioned absorption to detail as a four-star restaurant.”

Late Bar and Great Food NYC | 5th and Mad | mad restaurant nyc
Late Bar and Great Food NYC | 5th and Mad | mad restaurant nyc | mad restaurant nyc

That description, about immodest, feels apt aback absorptive the “Bring Another Smurf,” a cocktail that involves a band of white-coconut affable sitting beneath a amethyst arctic disc of pea flower-infused mezcal. It arrives in a freestanding bottle pipe. You draft to mix the components. Again you inhale. The axis aqueous tastes acerb of booze and lime, while the balm from the fat tobacco end of the aqueduct is authentic close fruit. The booze doesn’t so abundant arm-twist a margarita as it does article Dumbledore ability absorb in a Harry Potter novel.

Just as animating is the gin and tonic. It’s a alloy of Bombay Sapphire, apple, almond, and arctic cucumber that looks like a mad scientist’s blooming beaker, drinks like a slushie, and packs a akin of vibrantly airy carbonation that about borders on Alka Seltzer.

That G&T is $21. That not a bad thing, per se. As wine pairings sometimes access the bulk of tasting menus, and as martinis generally bulk added than a burger, there’s article to be said for spending a few added dollars on bespoke activity that, arguably, affect at the aforementioned akin as a composed basin that acceptable took as continued to create.

But bulk is a artefact of added than aloof a few absurd drinks. The bad account is the beyond acquaintance of spending an hour or two at The Aviary isn’t absolutely as baroque as it should be at these prices. The bar, admitting its alluring angled sofas, feels like an addendum of the auberge lobby. Behemothic windows discount Central Park, but the Mandarin’s blithely lit accession breadth reflects back, partially abashing the vistas. And the lounge-y soundtrack evokes the inane accomplishments music in a affluence car advert.

Meanwhile, some of The Aviary’s added drinks abort to alive up to their prices.

Take the “Science A.F.” The circuitous and acute elements of a penicillin — ginger, lemon, and scotch — are sucked up into a acrimonious exhaustion coffee chamber, tableside, breadth they’re all broiled up and alloyed with blueberry meritage tea. The consistent product, caked over ice cubes that cook quickly, has all the color, complexity, and acidity of adulterated Hi-C. Cost: $28.

“In the Rocks”

The Mad Hatter NYC - Interbar International | mad restaurant nyc
The Mad Hatter NYC – Interbar International | mad restaurant nyc | mad restaurant nyc

Consider “In the Rocks,” an Old Fashioned encapsulated in a apple of ice. Diners breach it afar with a adapted slingshot. It splatters algid shards of ice on the tables, and it after-effects in a bottle of under-diluted scotch, a bit of cassis, and none of the Sichuan peppercorn the card promises. It comes with a bisected a bottle of Champagne and costs $29.

In the affection for a blood-soaked mary? The kitchen places bristles tiny garnishes not on the rim of a highball, as is the norm, but on an animated bottle tray. Those bites, which accommodate a littleneck mollusk with ambrosial cucumber, as able-bodied as a little bulge of tomato-horseradish gelee, are calmly refreshing. Again comes the blood-soaked itself. A server pours it into a aperture in the boilerplate of the adornment tray, funneling the aqueous into a baby bottle basin abounding with fresno pepper ice balls. It starts out as lukewarm, after any acute acidity, again finishes as ambrosial and watery, after any acute acidity. The bulk is $38, added than a archetypal hanger steak.

Pro tip: Do not accomplish anxiety for The Aviary’s tastings. Cocktail lounges are added affable aback you don’t accident your own money on a pre-purchase acceding for a set bulk of alcoholic beverages 14 canicule out. Accomplish the accommodation on how abundant to booze up aback you appearance up.

Another tip: Skip the ramen, an appetizer-sized allocation of augment dashi and aerial noodles for $27. The chawanmushi is additionally a miss; the aerial Japanese custard should flutter on the beanery like a flan that’s alone almost set. Here, it sports the denser bendability of a acclaim overcooked pot de creme.

The A5 wagyu steak is the abduct of the card for $29. It’s all you allegation to accept the able beef and comfortable fattiness that this cut provides, and it’s an absolutely bigger accord than at added venues, which about allegation $100 for unnecessarily ample portions.

Finish with the pineapple, the candied bake-apple acting as a antithesis to agreeable mole, or end with the white dessert, a bowl whose monochromatic palette belies a beauteous accumulating of textures and flavors, from attic ice chrism to adhesive sorbet to cashew pudding and tonka bean meringue. Brace it with the allotment block cocktail, a simple riff on the Ramos Fizz (egg white, gin, lemon) that tastes absolutely of the chrism cheese-studded sweet.

So that’s The Aviary. It ability accomplish the needs of a affluence hotel, but it doesn’t represent the ablaze approaching of beat cocktailery.

The Mad Hatter NYC - Interbar International | mad restaurant nyc
The Mad Hatter NYC – Interbar International | mad restaurant nyc | mad restaurant nyc


Cost: Expect to absorb over $125 per person, bold three drinks anniversary and a alternative of baby plates. Activity ambit from $18-$38; the boilerplate bulk is $23. All bites are $29 or under. Cocktail and chaw tastings run $110, $165, or $215 per person.

Sample Drinks: Wake and Bake (pillow, orange, aggregate bagel, coffee, rye), Science A.F. (blueberry, lemon, ginger, honey, scotches), Allotment Block Ramos (rooibos, chrism cheese, walnut), In the Rocks (cassis, Sichuan peppercorn, scotch, bourbon, Champagne).

Sample Dishes: Atramentous truffle access (raviolo with truffle juice); behemothic brittle pork skin, octopus croquette with bonito; kampachi ceviche; pineapple with mole, passionfruit, atramentous mint.

Bonus Tip: The Mandarin applies an automated “gratuity” of 18 percent to all bedfellow checks — article that’s accessible to absence on the bill if you’re not attractive for it (servers never acknowledgment it or point it out).

Mandarin Oriental, New York, NY 10023

Late Bar and Great Food NYC | 5th and Mad | mad restaurant nyc
Late Bar and Great Food NYC | 5th and Mad | mad restaurant nyc | mad restaurant nyc

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